PIERPONT BAY REALTY

For many seniors planning to buy a new or different residence a reverse mortgage could be a huge opportunity.  Imagine this !!!  You are sixty two years old, you buy a house and never make another house payment.  Yes, there are qualifications.  The down payment amount is determined by the age of the youngest borrower.  The younger the borrower / co-borrower, the greater the down payment.  A forty percent down payment is a guesstimate for a sixty two year young buyer.  Other qualifications are easier...the buyer must show that they can pay the taxes and insurance.  AND GET THIS !!!  The NEW latest improvement to the reverse mortgage is that one co-borrower may be younger than sixty two.  This is a true financial planning tool.  No More House Payments.

Pierpont Bay Realty is a Ventura, CA real estate sales and property management company.  We provide seller and buyer service from 1020 South Seaward Ave. in the Pierpont Beach area of Ventura, CA with a recognized name for excellent service at the same location for more than thirty years.     Office Phone 805.656.8000