Ventura House Prices Up                                                 Pierpont Bay Realty

The February report from CAR's Research & Economics staff compared Ventura County Sales Prices and Year to Date Change in Sales with California's numbers. The median home price in Ventura County increased 7.4% to $610,820. while California's median home price was up only 3.8% to $446,460.  The pricing is certainly positive for sellers, however the sales active may tell a different story.  The year to date percentage change in sales for Ventura County was down 0.6 % and California was up 7.6%.  The year to year % change went the same direction.  Ventura County YTY% change in sales was down 4.9 % while California over all was up 6.4%.  Of course this is only one month's report and could be a reflection of the rain, which we are not accustomed to and the slow job growth which we are.  And then some may be consumed with the presidential primaries.   We shall see.

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